On Religion

Throughout human history, various religions have evolved as questions have arisen about the nature of human existence. Standing in awe of nature, early humankind wondered at the apparently superior powers of permanence and survival of other animals and of the natural environment as a whole. Now, thousands of years later, there are numerous different world religions, each with their own rituals, laws and customs.

Poem - The Parade

Swaying kilts and swinging arms,
Skirling bagpipes, Beating drums,
We're marching on parade.
With measured beat
Of soldiers feet,
Spit and polish and tunics neat,
We give the passers-by a treat
When we are on parade.

Swaying kilts and swinging arms,
We're marching on parade.
Our sweethearts wave,
The know we're brave,
We are the sons our mothers gave,
We do not think of soldiers graves,
When we are on parade.

Skirling bagpipes, beating drums,
At last we reach the church.

Sex in a Free Society

It is a myth to believe that only the wealthy suffer from sexual and neurotic problems. My work as a Reichian psychotherapist allows me a glimpse of people's private lives, their joys and their misery. There is an enormous amount of shame, self-loathing and guilt. Some feel like automatons, unreal, as if there were a glass wall between them and life. They are full of fear. There is something radically wrong with a society which produces so much unhappiness and tension. I can only help a limited number of people. That is one reason why I am a socialist.

Short Story - Pieces of Paper

George did odd jobs for us every Saturday. He was a tall man . . . sixty odd . . . ascetically lean of frame and face and his clothes showed, at least, secondary ownership in their shortness and looseness.

He always washed and valeted my car and, in the season, helped Mary in the garden. His manner always seemed slightly obsequious but there was something in the way he called me "sir", or "Mister" Stevens, that I always found slightly disconcerting.

Short Story - Previous Convictions

I was fifteen before it dawned on me that the pain I had been getting between the eyes was not a malignant tumour which would quickly grow to the size of a melon, invading every lobe, capillary and ventricle of my brain until I was blind, deaf and dumb and reducing me to a dribbling, mewling vegetable until I died in excruciating agony - but only a bad case of boredom with school.

Socialism and Uneven World Development

It might be thought that the present uneven development of productive resources throughout the world could be brought into greater balance within capitalism itself. It might be said that as modern productive techniques have been brought into use in one place, there should be no great difficulty in setting these up in other places where they are needed, but under capitalism this question cannot be considered solely as a technical or practical problem.