Socialist Review No. 01

Editorial Comment

This publication supports no political party in this country, also we do not support any existing social system practised in the world.

We are the offspring of the Socialist Party of Great Britain, and its companion parties in America, Australia Ireland, New Zealand,. and Austria. We call ourselves Socialist, Although you have heard this word before, we shall prove in time, that our conception of socialism is completely different from any individual, or organisation that bear this name.

As socialist we see the enemy as capitalism, the social system that exist throughout the world. We do not preach hate against individuals who administer Capitalism. To do this would only reveal ignorance of how the system function. Capitalism can only be abolished when the majority of people throughout the world desire the change to  socialism, and take the appropriate action through the ballot box. Socialism can be brought about by violence, therefore we do not advocate or support physical force in any form.

It is our job to bring the socialist here, and let people realise that there is an alternative to the present social system. The only barrier to socialism now, is the lack of socialist knowledge among the working class, we have accepted the challenge of this barrier.

The Task Ahead

We welcome you to this our first edition, and look forward to a long and enlightening association. First, let us state clearly what is our object, and how we intend to achieve this. The education of the workingclass to their real interest in society, and expose the bankrupt social order, under which we live.

We live in a Capitalist society, and this is world wide. The maim feature of this society is property ownership, buying and selling. On the one hand there are those who own all the important things in the world, land, factories, mines etc. On the other side the vast majority of those who own nothing, except their abilities. By sheer necessity, those who own nothing are forced to sell their abilities to those who own. On this basis society as it is function.

From what have been said it is clear that there are only two classes of people in capitalist society. Those who own, the Capitalist class, and those who sell their skill, the working class. The popular view of a middle class is really a myth. The doctor is as much a worker as thebus driver, or the street cleaner. Observe, that even doctors have gone on strike, to support their demands for more pay, and better conditions. Workers income group are different,but they are still of the same class.

The conflict between Capitalist (to pay as little as possible) and worker (to secure as high a price as possible) is an inherent feature of Capitalist society. Nothing that can be said, or done can reconcile the opposing interest of these two classes. Those of the owning class have clear ideas as to their interest. They however, with their power and wealth, and control of the mass media use this to maintain and even widen the division within the workingclass. They have done this with great success. Their existence depends on this division.

We must remember that society as it is today does not mean that it was so. There was a time when men lived as slaves, they changed from this became surfs. They again changed, to the present system of wage earners.

We Socialist believe, and events the world over supports us, that the time is ripe for another change. Our present social system has outlived its social usefulness, it is now a hindrance to mankind. Most people sense that something is fundamentally wrong with the world, but cant name it. That unnamed thing really is, trying to operate a social system that is no longer in harmony with world condition.Things are produced only if they can realise a profit, not to satisfy human need. Observe the vast areas of poverty alongside pockets of wealth. Capitalism have done much in the improvement of productive methods for man. It is quite hopeless at distributing this wealth it can create.

Socialists advocate a system of society where each will contribute to production and partake freely of need. Sound fantastic? we have heard that before, just think for a moment of the fantastic things we have coma to accept as normal under capitalism. It is now quite normal for thousands of people to starve to death, as we have seen in one time Biafra, while farmers in America are paid not to cultivate their land.

Capitalism distort the vision of a future society We can only see a different system in terms of our present one.

Socialism can only function on a world wide basis, it cannot and does not exist in any country. Russia is just as capitalist a country, like America. The constant reference to Russia as a Socialist country, only serve to confuse the issue   of what socialism is. The attainment of socialism might almost seem a hopeless task, but the gradual development of Capitalism itself will make people realise that Socialism is not only possible, but necessary. The great mental problems that is evident in the developed countries, more people are going mad, there is widespread frustration and a deep sadness that seem to dominate peoples life. Even pleasure have been turned into a way of escape. All these things are becoming more noticeable in our own society.

The task ahead is difficult indeed, so much distortions, and confusion to clear up. That is why we need your help, in whatever way you can. Read our literature, get to understand fully our point of view. Apart from the personal reward that this knowledge will give, you will be able to play an historic part in popularising Socialism throughout Jamaica. Hard and difficult yes, but so worth while.

Black Power

The rise of the Black Power movement in the United States, have spread around where ever negroes live. It has also invaded this country, gaining rapid mainly among the young.

According to its followers, the poverty that affects the black masses is caused by the whites. We hear daily of white exploitation, and the desire by the Black Power advocates to replace this by black exploitation. Now, will this make the exploitation any more worthy? Mill the advent of Black Power (whatever that is) create Jobs for the unemployed? Will they secure a better price for the fading sugar industry. Except for a change of boss, how different would the life of the man street be?

Under the searching light of reason Black Power turns out to be nothing more than another racist organisation. Designed to gain power for a few, by exploiting the ignorance of the majority. Those who are really interested in solving the desperate poverty we see around us, should think carefully, before they fall victim to cheap emotionalism.

The problems of black people is not caused by whites, there are whites in developed countries like America, and England who are just as poverty stricken as people are here. It is the social system that people the world over live under, that make poverty and other things a part of man's life. There is only one race, that is the human race, let us realise that we must all work together or the enemy may never be destroyed.

Who is Boss?

Have you ever thought of how prices keep rising, and the government seen powerless to do anything about it? Ever since devaluation things seem to go up by the day. It is a curious thing how at election time politicans keep telling us how prosperous we would all be if they only got in power. When this power is achieved, they start telling us how they have no control over some things.

Remember how the present government made a great deal of noise of the slum conditions in the 62 elections, when they were the opposition? Observe that over the pest eight years despite an apparent rise in the general standard of living for some, the gap between rich and poor remains, and widens. How come these things are so? Politicans are not in charge of things as is widely believed. It is capitalism that is in charge of them! They are elected to administer a system rigged with contradictions and not in the interest of the majority. They can do nothing to change this, regardless of their good intentions. There is no political conspiracy against the poor, it is the system that makes poverty inevitable.

Discover the nature othe capitalist system, realise that your problems and the others all round the world cant be solved within it. Understand that it does not matter how clever, or educated your leaders are, they are helpless in doing anything fundamental about conditions. Observe the performance of Harold Wilson in Britain, he was a university teacher in his twenties! Socialism can only come about when you say so. It will have to be your free choice.

Reformism or Socialism. A Brief Note

Ever since the effects of Capitalism war, unemployment, race prejudice etc. became regular feature of life, various reformist organisation, and parties have sprang up. They reason that if these bits could be ironed out the system could function smoothly for the benefit of all. Well, after centuries of reform, we still have all the old problems, and more. Poverty is just as evident today, as it has ever been. Socialist know that Capitalism can never be reformed to serve the interest of all, because conflict is an inherent part of it, we are interested with its abolition.

Many of these reformist parties have called themselves Socialist, or Communist. This have only helped to distort what Socialism really is, and add confusion to workingclass thinking. They are busy fighting the effects of Capitalism, and every defeat seem to have the wrong effect, they seem encouraged for the next. The problems of the world cannot be remedied within the Capitalist system. History has condemned reformism as a futile venture.

All the necessities are here to start a new social order, more in harmony with our development. Socialist say that nothing less than production for use is worth any effort. Why should the majority of mankind spend all their lives worrying about their material need, when the knowledge to produce enough for all exist? Reformism has been a failure, the more evident this become to people the better are our chance of achieving our goal, quickly.

(Kingston, 1970)